Circle of Excellence

We've built a community to combine everything needed to scale your business & life to the Next Level

About Me

We've built Circle Of Excellence to combine everything you need to scale your real estate business to the next level and provide clarity, focus and support to scale a business that is in alignment to your true self without feeling overwhelmed.


You likely need our community if...

You feel overwhelmed inside of your business and life and don't have clarity, focus and understand of what to do next (or in the next 12 months)

You feel like you need help & support across all areas and pillars of your life and business not just the next "hack" or "tactic" to pay the bills.

You want to be mentored and coached by some of the best in the industry that have proven mastery and that actually care about not just results, but the ripple effect of those results. 

You want to be part of a Community of Entrepreneurs who see Entrepreneurship as a way of life and that don't believe that business has to be built from the wounded ego, creating burnout and a lack of excitement in your life. 

You want to be able to have a business that is successful, scalable, profitable, that creates results for your clients, along with it creating results (and profit) for you in your life. 

You want your business and every part of your business to feel good, while actually working. You don't believe that marketing has to be bad, nor do you believe that you have to be salesy to get the next client. 


We have programs, workshops, and courses, along with live content & challenges that span from marketing, sales, operations, finance, mindset, team, delivery, and everything in-between.

Circle of Excellence includes group coaching and mentorship from James & Mike along with other experts that together allow for weekly sessions per month to get coached and mentored in scaling, marketing, operations, sales, delivery, mindset, and finances.

The right information, coaching & mentorship will bring you far in the growth of your business, however, what we've found is even more powerful? The right Strategy & Frameworks have been proven to work. 

While we're massive believers in having "your own plan" and ensuring that you're in alignment inside of your business, the truth is this... 

Having a framework, no matter if it's for your finances... hiring team... building your funnel... and then pairing it with a strategy that works for you. 

It's a complete game-changer and condenses the amount of time needed for growth while increasing the momentum in your life & business.